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Parking Season Ticket Application Form

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1) The Agreement shall commence on the date upon which the car park ticket(s) is/are issued to the applicant or a representative acting on behalf of the applicant and shall be valid until the expiry date of said tickets or until determined in accordance with these terms and conditions.

2) The applicant will be charged for the season ticket(s) in accordance with the current scale of charges existing at that time as determined by the Council, details of which will be given to the applicant at the time of invoicing or on request. Current prices are also posted on our website Prices are subject to change.

3) For the period of the validity of the ticket(s), the holder may enter and use any unreserved or vacant parking space in the car park for which the ticket(s) was/were issued. Season ticket holders are requested to note that the Council cannot guarantee that a parking space will be available when required. The Council also reserves the right to temporarily close the car park at any time for emergency, state or ceremonial reasons.

4) The Council may terminate the agreement with the applicant.

a) Where the applicant has been invoiced by the Council and the appropriate charges have not been paid by the applicant within 30 days of invoicing.


b) Where there has been a change in Council policy affecting the car park to which the applicant has been issued season ticket(s) and such change in policy is not conducive to the continuation of the agreement or necessitates its termination.


c) Where the Council is satisfied that the applicant or his/her representatives have misused the season ticket(s) issued to him/her or them or where there has been a breach of any of these terms and conditions.

5) If the Council wishes to terminate the agreement with the applicant under condition 4 above it shall give the applicant SEVEN days written notice.

6) The applicant may at any time terminate the agreement with the Council by giving SEVEN days written notice.

7) Where the agreement is terminated in accordance with Condition 4b or 6 above the applicant shall be entitled to claim a refund for the period beginning from the subsequent month in which the refund application is made to the expiry date of said ticket(s) providing the ticket(s) is/are returned to the Council.

8) Any change in the details, address or telephone number stated in the application must be immediately notified in writing to the Parking Section of the Council at the address above.

9) Season Ticket(s) are non-transferrable and are only to be used by the applicant or his/her representative.

10) Season Tickets remain the property of the Council and any loss of the ticket(s) must be notified immediately to the Parking Section – contact details above.

11) The Council reserves the right to charge a reasonable fee for the replacement of a lost/stolen ticket.

12) These Terms and Conditions are subject to alteration.
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