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Application for Business Permit - Windsor Outer Zones


These notes are for guidance only and have no legal effect. Copies of the relevant Orders (article 28) may be inspected at the Town Hall, St. Ives Road, Maidenhead, Berks. SL6 1RF or viewed at the following link

The permit is valid in the following roads and are not restricted by length of stay.

  • Alma Road (between its junctions with Claremont Road and Osborne Road)
  • Clarence Road (between its junctions with Vansittart Road and Goslar Way)
  • Frances Road (between its junctions with Grove Road and Alexandra Road)

The permit may be in a Company name or for a specific registration.

A maximum of 3 permit per company.

An example of Company Headed Paper is required.

For eligibility please refer to the next section.


Terms & Conditions for the issue of Business Permits


1) The Agreement shall commence on the date upon which the car park ticket(s) is/are issued to the applicant or a representative acting on behalf of the applicant and shall be valid until the expiry date of said tickets or until determined in accordance with these terms and conditions.
2) The applicant will be charged for the permit(s) in accordance with the current scale of charges existing at that time as determined by the Council, details of which will be given to the applicant at the time of invoicing or on request.  Current prices are also posted on our website  Prices are subject to change.
3) The applicant may at any time terminate the agreement with the Council by giving SEVEN days written notice.
4) Any change in the details, address or telephone number stated in the application must be immediately notified in writing to the Parking Section of the Council at the address above.
5) Permit(s) are non-transferrable and are only to be used by the applicant or his/her representative.
6) Permits remain the property of the Council and any loss of the ticket(s) must be notified immediately to the Parking Section – contact details above.
7) The Council reserves the right to charge a reasonable fee for the replacement of a lost/stolen ticket.
8) These Terms and Conditions are subject to alteration.

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