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Complaint Form - High Hedges

All fields marked with (*) are mandatory.
Use this form to submit a complaint to the Council about a high hedge, under Part 8 of the Anti-social Behaviour Act 2003. It should be completed by the person making the complaint or their representative.
Please note: You will need Adobe reader to print off the pdf file of your submitted form. You can download this software free of charge by following the link from the front page of our website
Before completing this form electronically, please read the Guidance Notes and the High Hedges Leaflet.

Guidance Notes
Communities and Government website: High Hedges: complaining to the Council

You must pay a FEE when you send in this form. The current fee is £677.
The Council will rely on the information you provide so please make sure it is clear and accurate.

1. Attempts to resolve the complaint

Please describe what you have done to try to settle this matter. Give dates and say what the result was. Please provide copies of any letters that you mention.
If you have not tried all the above steps, the Council might not proceed with your complaint.
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