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Coach Bursary Application Form


1. General Details

o Each year the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead (RBWM) make individual bursaries of up to £250 available to local coaches to support with areas such as equipment, travel expenses and continued professional development on the coach pathway.
o Applicants will be considered who have achieved a level 1 coaching qualification up to level 4 or equivalent.
o To qualify for consideration for grant aid individuals must be resident and/or contribute a significant amount of hours to coaching within the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead.
o Applicants must be 16 years and above to apply.

Coach bursaries can be used to support areas such as:

Training costs
-Equipment Costs
-Relevant coaching course or training to support the coaching role
-Coaching resources
-Competition travel expenses

If you apply for a bursary you will be asked to:

- Tell us what you will use the funding for
- Demonstrate you achievements as a coach to date
- Provide projections of how you will use your bursary
- Provide details of any additional funding generated from other sources.

- When assessing each applicant the council will consider such matters as the level of coaching and achievements of the level of athlete/s you coach. The council will take into account any assistance, which it may have given you.

- Other bursaries given to the applicant by National Governing bodies or other sports funders will also be considered as part of your application.

- Each year the demand for bursaries from RBWM is substantial and invariably exceeds the resources available. Each bursary amount given is determined by the panel and in some instances the applicant will not receive assistance at all.

- The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead reserves the right to vary terms and conditions of the grant scheme without notice.

- To be considered an endorsement form from a senior coach, sports development officer or National Governing body representative must be completed and returned by the deadline date of 17 July 2015.

2. Requirements of the Coach Bursary Scheme

To qualify for funding you must:

-Meet the eligibility requirements
-Submit the completed Coach Bursary form and endorsement form by the annual application deadline of 17 July 2015.
-Provide copies of coaching certificates/awards on request

Retrospective applications will not be considered. Bursaries will not be paid towards expenditure incurred before grant aid has been provided.

Applicants are encouraged to seek additional assistance from other sources.

Bursary awards may be dependent upon satisfactory references from the National Governing Body or organisation for your activity.

Any misleading statements provided during the application process may render the application invalid and the applicant may be required to return any grant paid to the Council.

RBWM reserves the right to vary terms and conditions of the grant scheme without any notice.

Successful applicants will be required to:

o Complete monitoring forms to show how the Bursary has helped them to achieve their objectives.

o Identify and acknowledged RBWM in all publicity related to the activity for which the award has been made.

Please Note: 2014 successful applicants must have completed and returned the Coach Bursary evaluation as requested to be considered for 2015 coach bursaries.

3. How to Apply

Applications for funding should be completed using the Coach Bursary Application Form

Make sure all information is in by the annual deadline date which is 17 July 2015.

Upon submitting your application your endorser will be automatically sent an email with a link to the endorsement form for them to submit by 17 July 2015.

o Your endorser must be a Senior coach or equivalent, Sports Development Officer or National Governing Body representative and must confirm your highest coach level. (Please note your endorser may be contacted by the panel to authenticate your application).
o It is the applicants responsibility to ensure both forms are submitted by the deadline date.

If you have any queries please don't hesitate to contact the sports development team. or by telephone on 01628 685794
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